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Introducing our new Asian Pacific Biomass report

May 09, 2018

Asia’s demand for biomass is growing rapidly. Wood pellet imports into South Korea and Japan have grown exponentially in the past few years. In 2017 South Korea imported 2.4Mt of wood pellets, 20 times more than was imported in 2012. Japan is currently a smaller market, but its growth has also been impressive. Japan imported over 0.5Mt in 2017, a seven-fold increase from 2012. PKS consumption has risen at a similar rate, to 1.5Mt in 2017.

The huge scale of this potential growth in biomass demand has, understandably, drawn a lot of attention. Biomass producers and users worldwide are looking keenly to Asia and wish to understand how the growing market may impact on existing global trade flows. The outlook for Asian biomass demand is far from certain and a wide range of variables could feasibly constrain its growth.

Over several months, Hawkins Wright carried out extensive fieldwork, site visits, meetings, quantitative and qualitative analysis to establish the true nature of the emerging biomass market. This research has provided unique insights which are published in a new 120-page multi-client report - A Strategic Assessment of Asian Pacific Biomass Demand and Supply to 2030.

The report is available immediately (in English) and may be available in Japanese upon request (for a supplementary fee). Further details can be found on our website here.

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