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Hawkins Wright is the leading independent economic and business consultancy for the global Pulp and Paper industry. Our multi-client reports provide in-depth analysis of the sector, covering a wide range of topics including supply and demand, production costs, and prices. Each report focuses on a particular grade, region or theme, and our subscription model allows us to tailor packages to suit your market intelligence needs.

Pulpwatch Market Trends


Updated Every Month

Our most frequent report featuring market commentary, sectorial analysis and market data. Also includes a monthly podcast

Outlook for Market Pulp


12 reports per year, including monthly price forecasts

A multi-client service including an in-depth report analyzing supply, demand, costs and prices of papergrade pulp markets.

Defining the China Market

map of china

Updated Once a Year

A multi-client service including an in-depth report published twice a year offering a deep dive into the Chinese Pulp & Paper industry

Outlook for Dissolving Pulp


Updated Every 3 Months

This dedicated service provides an objective analysis of the full range of issues affecting the chemical cellulose sector.

Outlook for Fluff Pulp 


Updated Once every Quarter

A multi-client service including an in-depth report dedicated to the fluff pulp sector, with one main report published in Q1 and interim updates in Q2, 3 and 4.

Outlook for Unbleached Fibre 


Updated Once a Year

Supply, demand, cost and price analysis of the international unbleached fibre market, with five year projections

Asia Pacific Pulpwood report


Updated Once a Year

Annual analysis of the Asia Pacific trade in pulpwood chips. The report provides historical supply, demand, and price information and forecasts with a five year time horizon

Ad-hoc reports


Updated Periodically

Our other multi-client services

Why choose Hawkins Wright?

We provide strategic, forecasting, marketing intelligence and business information services to the international forest products and bioenergy industries 

  • Independant and unbiased - we do not manufacture, trade or broker and forest products so are able to offer wholly-unbiased opinion
  • Decades of experience - With a sector knowledge base since 1982
  • Industry dialogue - we regularly talk to a global network of industry figures
  • Personal approach - much more than providing market data, we can adapt to your changing needs, offering calls and face-to-face meetings

London-based. International clients and research


Pulp & Paper consultancy services

We leverage our unique network of industry contacts and decade-spanning expertise to develop unique insights for your organisation. We can support:

  • Due diligence for proposed investment projects 
  • Marketing Strategy, supply/ demand for price forcasts
  • Identifying new business offerings and competitive benchmarking
More about out consultancy

Our Global Conferences

Over the years, our Symposiums have become the focal point of the London and Shanghai Pulp Weeks, providing an indispensable forum for industry participants to network and share ideas:

  • Shanghai Pulp Week Conference - every March
  • London Pulp Week Conference - every November


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