Forest Energy Monitor

Forest Energy Monitor

Forest Energy Monitor is a monthly report providing expert analysis of the trends in global biomass and pellet markets. Rather than simply reporting the news at face value, we investigate the implications for the wider market of each new development. Forest Energy Monitor provides a well-informed, but digestible, overview of recent market developments.

For organisations operating in the bioenergy industry, the disparate regulatory frameworks and fragmented individual markets can be difficult to penetrate.  Each monthly issue of Forest Energy Monitor addresses three key topics: 

  • Market analysis. Expert analysis of recent developments in wood chip and pellet markets, including market prices for energy wood, pellets and fibre. It also covers the availability of wood fibre in major biomass supply regions and trends in energy and carbon markets. 
  • Industry news - investment and technology. New investments in biomass heat, power and CHP, including analysis of the feedstock requirements of new plants under development in Europe, Asia and North America. Other subjects include wood pellet capacity growth; the status of the wood heating industry; and investments in shipping and logistic infrastructure.
  • Industry news - policy and legislation. Regular updates on national and international renewable energy policies, including any upcoming changes to incentives or regulations that may have an impact on wood chip and pellet demand and supply.

Forest Energy Monitor also publishes monthly market data giving context to the industry news, and from which Hawkins Wright consultants derive their analyses. For more information on the data included in FEM, please see below.

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Monthly data series

The market data sections in Forest Energy Monitor provide subscribers with unique insights into the economics of the bioenergy industry. Every month the following data series are tracked and published in Forest Energy Monitor:

  • Industrial wood pellet price indications
  • Heating pellet price indications
  • Energy wood price indications
  • Wood fibre price indications (pulpwood, chips residuals)
  • Wood pellet trade statistics
  • Coal, oil, natural gas and carbon prices
  • Power generation economics (clean dark, clean spark and bark spreads)
  • Heating oil prices and pellet v. oil price differentials
  • Pellet heating economics 
  • Heating degree data
  • Exchange rates
  • Freight rates
  • The pipeline of new biomass power/CHP plants
  • The pipeline of new industrial wood pellet mills

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