Biomass Demand in Japan & Korea


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Biomass demand in Japan and Korea

A multi-client report exploring the ten-year outlook for biomass demand in Japan and South Korea

Cover_photo_MandalaSince we published our April 2018 report, A strategic assessment of Asian Pacific biomass demand and supply to 2030, the South Korean and Japanese biomass markets have experienced significant changes. In the past year both governments have altered their policy frameworks, largely in an effort to control spending on renewable energy. These changes will have an impact on future demand in both countries and we therefore bring you an updated analysis of the policies affecting biomass use, the paying capability of generators and current and future demand. 

The report covers: 

Electricity generation in Japan and South Korea. Market structures and the factors driving the countries’ renewable energy policies. The report details the planned 2030 energy mix in South Korea and Japan and the role that biomass is expected to play.

The operation and value of policy instruments (e.g. Feed-in Tariffs in Japan and the Renewable Portfolio Standard in South Korea) used to promote the development of renewable electricity generation. The report identifies recent changes to the policy frameworks and how this has impacted existing and planned biomass projects. The report outlines the value of these subsidy instruments to a biomass power producer and provides the biomass paying capability of a variety of hypothetical biomass power projects, both cofiring and 100% dedicated biomass plants, before and after the policy changes. 

Profiles of biomass power projects in the region, including both dedicated-biomass and cofiring projects. The capacity of each project, including its ownership and its technical, planning and financial status. Each project’s estimated annual feedstock requirement and its likely feedstock preferences/flexibility. The report identifies the key biomass users in both countries, giving a more detailed insight into their activities, status of projects, procurement approaches and feedstock preferences.

Forecasts of biomass feedstock demand in Japan and South Korea to 2030, including analysis of historical demand and sourcing regions. The report provides different demand scenarios for both countries, as well as a breakdown of demand by project status. 

A subscription includes:

  • A 50 page printed report, also downloadable in PDF format.
  • An accompanying Microsoft Excel database, listing details of all the major biomass power projects planned in Japan and South Korea.
  • A customised presentation of the report by the authors in London. (If a meeting is held elsewhere, travel and subsistence expenses may be charged at cost.)
  • Subscribers also receive Hawkins Wright's response to any questions on biomass and bioenergy that may arise during the year.

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