Fluff pulp market report

Fluff pulp represents around 10% of the global pulp market and is characterized by a highly fragmented customer base which contrasts with highly concentrated supply. Our Outlook for Fluff Pulp service provides in-depth analysis of this notoriously opaque sector, with supply, demand and price forecasts.

What's included in this report?

  • Demand - review of historic and current fluff pulp demand, 10-year historical analysis by region. 5-year demand forecast by region. A review of the end-use markets, and a summary of future trends.
  • Supply - fluff pulp capacity by mill, quantifying the theoretical maximum capacity and with estimates for the capacity split at swing mills (paper-grade pulp/fluff pulp/dissolving pulp). 5-year capacity forecast summary, by grade and by mill.
  • Supply/demand balance - long-term annual projections and a discussion about short term  fundamentals. Projections include two scenarios: one looking at the theoretical maximum supply vs. demand. A second scenario makes allowances for fluff pulp supply which may be producing others grades of pulp.
  • Prices - macro-economic review. Impact on cost competitiveness of exchange rate fluctuations. Fluff pulp in the context of other global commodities, including paper grade and dissolving pulp.
  • Price forecast - five-year outlook for fluff pulp prices CIF China and Del. North America & Europe.

Outlook for Fluff Pulp - Q1 2024

Mar 27, 2023, 17:25 PM
Analysis of fluff pulp supply and demand, costs and prices forecast
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Additional report details

The fluff pulp market continues to attract significant investment in mill conversions, acquisitions, and new capacity. Despite representing only 10% of the global bleached chemical pulp market, the sector remains inherently strategic because of its remarkably consistent growth rate, underpinned by improving living standards, demographic trends, and low penetration rates in developing countries. However, while the prospects for demand remain broadly positive, supply dynamics often prompt significant volatility.

Against this backdrop, our fluff pulp service aims to provide subscribers with Hawkins Wright’s observations on the sector. These observations will be drawn from discussions with industry contacts, coupled with a close examination of historical demand, supply and pricing data. Forecasts for these three variables will also be presented, allowing subscribers to plan effectively and successfully: to identify and seize opportunities and strategize for any threats. The analysis will also include an overview of the dissolving pulp market, which is having an increasingly important influence on capacity developments within the fluff pulp market.

Why choose Hawkins Wright?

We provide strategic, forecasting, marketing intelligence and business information services to the international forest products and bioenergy industries 

  • Independant and unbiased - we do not manufacture, trade or broker and forest products so are able to offer wholly-unbiased opinion
  • Decades of experience - With a sector knowledge base since 1982
  • Industry dialogue - we regularly talk to a global network of industry figures
  • Personal approach - much more than providing market data, we can adapt to your changing needs, offering calls and face-to-face meetings
Despite the fluff sector being notoriously opaque, we are able to leverage our network to get the inside story directly from key market participants
Oliver Lansdell, Report Lead Author
Hawkins Wright

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