Outlook for Wood Pellets

Outlook for Wood Pellets

The Outlook for Wood Pellets service provides an in-depth view of the global wood pellet markets, analysing demand, supply, costs and prices. This quarterly multi-client report covers trends in both industrial and heating pellet markets and provides ten-year demand and price forecasts.

The dynamics of this emerging market are constantly shifting, driven by a diverse and unique set of factors such as policy, weather, commodity markets and the economic climate.

The structures of the principal markets - large-scale industrial power and small-scale heating, as well as the growing commercial-scale heating sector - are largely different. The industrial power markets are dominated by a few large players, while the heating markets are highly seasonal and fragmented across various regions with hundreds of thousands of individual consumers.

The Outlook for Wood Pellets addresses the differences and overlap between the various pellet markets, identifying areas of growth and opportunity for both existing stakeholders and new players.
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The scope of the Outlook service includes:

  • Two Outlook reports, published in Q1 and Q3, which provide in-depth analyses of the market's short- and medium-term prospects
  • Two Outlook update reports, published in Q2 and Q4, which comprise a commentary on recent market developments and revised demand/supply modelling, cost curves and price forecasts
  • One half-day workshop or conference call hosted by Hawkins Wright - an opportunity for the subscriber's management to discuss the Outlook's conclusions with the authors
  • The on-call support of Hawkins Wright consultants throughout the year, by phone or email
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Quarterly data series

The key data included in the Outlook for Wood Pellets provide subscribers to the service with unique market insights, and are refreshed on a quarterly basis. Select data is available to subscribers in excel format.
  • Industrial (power/CHP) pellet demand and ten-year forecast
  • Heating pellet demand and ten-year forecast
  • Global wood pellet production capacity and mill database
  • Historical and projected global wood pellet production
  • Global wood pellet trade statistics
  • Industrial wood pellet prices and ten-year forecast
  • Heating wood pellet prices and ten-year forecast
  • Industrial wood pellet manufacturing costs
  • Wood pellet paying capability of UK power generators
  • Exchange rate trends
  • Fossil, carbon and power price trends
  • Power generation economics for pellets, coal, gas
  • Heating degree data
  • Paper and panelboard production trends
  • Pulpwood stumpage price data
  • Wood fibre availability data

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