Walter Schalka

Walter Schalka is President at Suzano, a position he has held si...

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David Gandossi
Mercer International

David M. Gandossi serves as President, Chief Executive Officer a...

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Tommy Wu
Oxford Economics

Tommy Wu is a Lead Economist at Oxford Economics. Tommy covers m...

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Kevin Mason
ERA Forest Products Research

Kevin Mason is the Managing Director of ERA Forest Products Rese...

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Christoph Michalski

Johann Christoph MICHALSKI was appointed as Executive Director a...

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Tom Wright
Hawkins Wright

Tom is the Managing Director of Hawkins Wright. He und...

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Oliver Lansdell
Hawkins Wright
Oliver is an industry analyst and consultant with more than 15 year...
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Pierre Bach
Hawkins Wright
Pierre joined Hawkins Wright in 2014 and has been providing researc...
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