Shanghai Pulp Week with CPICC

We are pleased to announce our partnership with CPICC for the 2024 Shanghai Pulp Week. The annual meeting  will be held on Wednesday 20th March.

Please note the change of venue:
Jing An Shangri-la
1218 Middle Yan'an Road
Jing An Kerry Centre 
West Nanjing Road

Delegates may register through our website or directly with CPICC, the ticket price is US$880 - Booking closes one week before.
For Renminbi payments and hotel room bookings, please contact Angel Zhang ( or visit

Hawkins Wright in China 

For more than twenty years Hawkins Wright has been engaged in market research and consultancy services specifically focused on the fast developing but often opaque Chinese pulp and paper sector.

Through our unique approach combining primary fieldwork with detailed desk research, we have developed an original and industry recognised model for analysing and forecasting the Chinese market.

Throughout the course of this work we have developed an unparalleled network of clients and associates engaged in all activities relating to the sector, operating in China and overseas. Since 2005 we have worked with Chinese partners to provide a forum for Chinese and foreign companies to come together, present their views, and share ideas.


Conference Details

Event Name:
SPW Annual meeting
20 March 2024 - 20 March 2024
Jing An Shangri-la
Registration for the next event will open three months prior. Stay tuned!


Ismo Nousiainen
Metsä Fibre

Mr. Ismo Nousiainen, M.Sc. (Eng.) is the Chief Executive Officer...

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Tom Wright
Hawkins Wright

Tom is the Managing Director of Hawkins Wright. He und...

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Joao Cordeiro

Mr. Cordeiro is a Forest Engineer and Business Administrator (MB...

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Patrick Cavanagh

Senior Economist, Fastmarkets

Patrick leads the analysis f...

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Zhang Shenjin

Mr. Zhang began his career as a reporter for the China Business ...

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Rodrigo Libaber

Rodrigo Libaber is the CCO (Chief Commercial & Logistics Off...

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Walter Schalka

Walter Schalka joined Suzano in 2013 and is currently Chief Exec...

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Gavin Hao
GingKo Consulting

Gavin Hao started GingKo Consulting, in Shanghai China, June 201...

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Cao Zhenlei

Dr. Cao Zhenlei, a doctoral supervisor and professor-level senio...

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Li Zhan
China Paper Corporation

Since June 2019, Mr. Li Zhan has held the position of Board of D...

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Aleksey Lomko

Aleksei Lomko is an experienced manager who has worked in the pu...

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Gu Weidong

Mr. Gu Weidong, Deputy General Manager of COSCO SHIPPING SPECIAL...

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Wu Xiaoqiu
Former Vice President of Renmin University of China, director of the National Institute of Financial Research
Professor Wu Xiaoqiu, born in February 1959, is a well-known financ...
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Hui Ching Lau
Hengan International Group
President of the Standing Committee, CPICC, Executive Director, Hen...
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Wanyan Shaohua
RGE Group

Wanyan Shaohua is the Senior Vice President, Commercial and Corp...

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Zhu Min
Vice Chairman of China Centre for International Economic Exchanges

Zhu Min is Vice Chairman of China Centre for International Econo...

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