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The pulp market is dynamic, complex & often obscured by a lack of price transparency. We address these issues in 12 monthly reports, drawing on decades of unparalleled expertise.

What's included in this report?

  • Marketing Commentary - Interprets and Puts into context the shifting balances in the pulp market, and likely Direction
  • Industry Focus - Analyses pulp producing or consuming markets, supply & demand, raw materials costs, exchanging rates and more
  • Key Statistics - For timely and Comprehensive Pulp Market data also available to subscribers in excel format
  • Monthly podcasts - For a more bitesize audio market Commentary
  • Challenege or query - request clarifications on key findings
  • Bespoke extensions - subscribers can also negotiate an ad-hoc appendix to the report exclusive to their business
  • Archive access - Read historical reports back as far as 06/01/15

Pulpwatch 2808 March 2022

Mar 4, 2022, 17:56 PM
Security of supply and inflationary concerns mount after outbreak of war in Ukraine. Industry Focus assessing the impact on the global forest products industry of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
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We provide strategic, forecasting, marketing intelligence and business information services to the international forest products and bioenergy industries 

  • Independant and unbiased - we do not manufacture, trade or broker and forest products so are able to offer wholly-unbiased opinion
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  • Industry Dialogue - we regularly talk to a network of industry figures
  • Personal Approach - Much more than, providing market data, we can discuss your changing needs offering Calls and in-person meetings
We utilise our worldwide network of contacts to gather the latest up-to-date pulp market information for every issue
Pierre Bach, Report Lead Author
Hawkins Wright

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